About us.

Meet Roger Hakim, Owner and Operator of HBOT Dallas

Athletics and physical fitness have been a defining aspect of my life. From a young age, I’ve been immersed in various sports, including snowboarding, running, golf, swimming, soccer, tennis, basketball and more. The thrill of pushing my physical limits has always fueled my passion for sports.

A few years ago, I accomplished a significant milestone by completing a half ironman. Currently, I’m channeling my focus into training for an upcoming marathon, driven by the desire to conquer new challenges.

However, my journey took an interesting turn when I discovered the incredible benefits of Hyperbarics. While working in the medical sales industry, I initially stumbled upon this therapy while researching solutions for my own lower back issues. Delving deeper into the subject, I realized the vast potential of Hyperbarics in aiding recovery and enhancing athletic performance.

Now, I rely on Hyperbarics not only for my ongoing recovery as an athlete but also for optimizing sleep and rejuvenation. This therapy has proven to be a powerful tool, offering benefits beyond what I could have imagined. From accelerated healing and reduced inflammation to increased oxygenation and enhanced overall well-being, Hyperbarics has become an essential component of my athletic journey.

Driven by my personal experience and witnessing the transformative effects of Hyperbarics, I am determined to share this therapy with as many people as possible. Through my website, I aim to spread awareness about the incredible potential of Hyperbarics, empowering individuals to unlock their full athletic potential and improve their overall quality of life.

Join me on this journey as we explore the limitless possibilities of Hyperbarics and embark on a path of enhanced performance, recovery, and well-being.